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The Limnos No Longer

January 18 2023

The Limnos No Longer

A recent decision in the High Court has disagreed with the ruling in The Limnos that under the Hague-Visby Rules, a cargo interests’ ability to recover for loss and damage from carriers is limited in accordance with the weight of goods physically lost or damaged.

The decision held that a carrier’s liability in respect of cargo interests’ loss and damage is subject to the weight limitation even if the loss and damage is of an economic nature, including liability to pay salvors and on-shipment costs.

The Defendant did not obtain leave to appeal so it may be some time before the judgments in The Limos and Trafigura PTE LTD v TKK Shipping PTE LTD are reconciled by the Court of Appeal.

MFB colleagues Benjamin Middleton and Ellie Hall explain this change and how it affects those involved.

MFB Article - The Limnos No Longer (538.71 kB)

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