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Legal 500, 2021


Webinar: Delivery of Cargo without original bills and the development of e-bills

October 11 2021

Our new partner Ingolf Kaiser was one of the speakers at a recent West P&I webinar discussing Delivery of Cargo without Original Bills of Landing. You can watch the whole presentation on Youtube by following this link.

As modern ships become faster, vessels frequently arrive at the discharge port sooner than the bills of lading, resulting in an increased reliance on Letters of Indemnity for delivery of the cargo. This West webinar, delivered by Head of Defence Nicola Cox and Claims Manager Chris Ward in conjunction with MFB Partner Ingolf Kaiser, discusses potential pitfalls arising out of the use of LOIs, claims by banks for non/misdelivery of cargo and whether electronic bills present a viable solution. The seminar includes an outline of the International Group Clubs’ approach to cover and the Law Commission of England and Wales’ draft legislative proposals for e-bills.

The presentation also provides a walkthrough of one of the IG approved e-bill platforms – what the platform looks like in practice and how to handle cargo claims using the platform.

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