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MFB partner, Helene Peter-Davies, has been awarded the Victoria Drummond Award** by Nautilus International

October 15 2019

Helene Peter-Davies has been presented with Nautilus International's prestigious Victoria Drummond Award in recognition of her mentoring work with nautical cadets and executives working in the maritime sector. She is the 8th recipient of the award.
The award is a long-standing tribute to Victoria Drummond – the first woman to serve as a chief engineer officer in the Merchant Navy.
Helene has 28 years' experience of the shipping industry including 12 years' sea-going experience. Her extensive maritime career* has included mentoring and inspiring many nautical cadets and executives working in the maritime sector. She is also the first British female Master Mariner and solicitor to be appointed as a partner in a shipping law firm.
In presenting the award, Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson said 'Helene has shown that a woman can have a successful career at sea and an even more successful transfer of skills, experience and knowledge into a shore-based shipping career.'


** Victoria Drummond Award

This award is presented to members whose achievements boost the profile of women at sea. The award is for the achievement in as wide a field as possible within the working environment of women members. Members should note, it is not a 'female only' award, or for acts which could be considered 'typically female'.

The following broad criteria may apply for consideration for an award:
•being the first woman officer to achieve a certain level of marine or academic
•being the first woman to achieve a certain rank or position
•having worked for the union, not necessarily in the field of women members
•having worked for the promotion of the status of women
•having performed some act of bravery or
•having engaged in community work

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